Computer Science

Major/Minor/Specialisation !755-BB-MAJ+1010 (2010)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2010.

Year and Campus: 2010


Professor Alistair Moffat

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering


A Computer Science major will provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter a career in the computer industry or in research. Students will learn how to design, analyse, and implement complex systems involving computer networks, databases, and web services. Graduates will have advanced skills in programming, problem solving, and algorithm design and implementation. They will be prepared for the workplace by participating in several realistic programming exercises, and by presenting the results of their work in oral and written form. Graduates will also be able to progress to research honours and masters by coursework degrees, and then on to research higher degrees.

Objectives: .
Structure & Available Subjects:

In 2010 a number of new third year level subjects have been introduced, replacing or adding to subjects previously available within the major. Some previously offered subjects have been cancelled. The University is committed to ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by these changes and students may complete a major as defined by the current structure or a structure detailed in a previous year's handbook applicable to any year the student was enrolled in the course. Students completing third year level subjects across multiple years (e.g. in 2009 and 2010) should refer to advice within each subject entry on non-allowed subject combinations. Students unsure about the structure of their intended major should seek advice from the Science Student Centre.

Subject Options:

Computer Science major

Completion of 50 points of study at third year level.

Four of:

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
  • 433-303 Artificial Intelligence (prior to 2010)
  • 433-313 Computer Design (prior to 2010)
  • 433-330 Theory of Computation (prior to 2010)
  • 433-332 Operating Systems (prior to 2010)
  • 433-341 Software Engineering Process and Practice (prior to 2010)
  • 433-351 Database Systems (prior to 2010)
  • 433-352 Data on the Web (prior to 2010)
  • 433-353 Networks and Communications (prior to 2010)
  • 433-361 Programming Language Implementation (prior to 2010)
  • 433-371 Interactive System Design (prior to 2010)
  • 433-380 Graphics and Computation (prior to 2010)

Note that credit exclusions may apply. Please check individual subject descriptions.

Notes: This science major is not available to students enrolled in the software engineering stream of the BE/BSc or the BE(IT)/BSc. These students will be required to complete a major in an alternative science discipline.
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