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Major/Minor/Specialisation !BH-SCI-MAJ+1016 (2016)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2016.

Year and Campus: 2016


Professor Trichur Vidyasagar


Academic Coordinator:

Professor Trichur Vidyasagar

Administrative Contact:

Stefan Loukomitis

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Honours in Vision Sciences is a programme across two semesters designed to extend the student’s knowledge and skills through a supervised research project together with advanced coursework in the vision sciences. The research component will involve the student conducting an original research project in one of the laboratories of the Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences under the supervision of one or more academic staff from February to November. The research will be of a level that can potentially contribute to a publication, whether on its own or as part of a larger project. The coursework component will introduce students to current literature in the vision sciences and the various techniques used in different laboratories. There will be an emphasis also on developing the student’s communication skills both orally and in writing.

Learning Outcomes:

The Honours programme in Vision Sciences will help students to substantially develop their earlier knowledge and understanding in science by conducting an original research study and also acquire skills in formulating and executing a research project. Through the writing of the thesis, the seminars they will be required to give and the coursework subjects, they will also develop skills in communicating scientific ideas and results to a large audience. The coursework will also expose them to exciting new developments in the relevant field and also the various methods that scientists use in their studies. The Honours programme will also enhance the student’s capacity for independent study and research, which will stand in good stead whatever employment or further studies that the student undertakes.

Structure & Available Subjects:

The Honours program consists of 100 credit points completed over 12 months full time comprising of two (2) Advanced Coursework subjects and a Research Project.

To be awarded Honours with a specialisation in Vision Science, students must successfully complete the following:

BIOM40001 - Introduction to Biomedical Research (12.5 points)
OPTO90018 - The Eye and Vision: A Window to Disease (12.5 points)
OPTO40012 and OPTO40013 - Vision Science Research Project (75 points)

There are no elective subjects in this Honours program.

Subject Options:

Coursework component

Students must complete 25 credit points of advanced coursework subjects. This is achieved by enrolling in the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

Research component

Students must complete a total of 75 credit points of research across the duration of the Honours program. This is achieved by enrolling in a combination of the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
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Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours)

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