Domestic Animal Science

Major/Minor/Specialisation !R01-AA-MAJ+1010 (2010)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2010.

Year and Campus: 2010


Ms Ros Gall
Department of Agriculture and Food Systems

Overview: The major in Domestic Animal Science replaces the existing BS (Hons) Animal Science and Management offered by the Melbourne School of Land and Environment. The aims of the major are to develop an understanding of the biology of domestic and captive animals, their care, management and use as a resource for food, fibre, recreation and companionship. To develop an in-depth knowledge of the biology of animals, the complexities of the ethical and moral issues encompassing care, management and use as a resource will be examined in light of advances in human endeavour. The major will allow a degree of specialisation based around analysis of animal systems management of a chosen species or classification of animals. Greater knowledge, if so desired, of economic, business, communications or natural resource management relevant to, and strengthening the core studies in Domestic Animal Science can be developed through clear pathways within the breadth component of the Melbourne model. Graduates from the new programme will be able to enter careers in the public or private sectors related to a wide range of animal production, environmental, biomedical and service industries, and community organisations concerned with public good, or continue into postgraduate programmes of study at masters or research higher degree.
Objectives: .
Structure & Available Subjects: Completion of 50 points of study at third year level
There are three specialisations within the Domestic Animal Science major.
Related Course(s): Bachelor of Science

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