Mathematics and Statistics

Major/Minor/Specialisation !R01-AA-MAJ+1021 (2016)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2016.

Year and Campus: 2016


Dr Lawrence Reeves

Department of Mathematics and Statistics




A Mathematics and Statistics major will provide essential knowledge and transferable skills for students entering careers or research in the following areas: General sciences, Agriculture and environmental sciences, Banking, Finance and Commerce, Engineering, Government, Education, Industry, e.g. logistics/project manager, market research consultant, IT and computing, and Medicine.

Learning Outcomes:

Mathematics and Statistics Major Graduates should demonstrate:

  • ability to construct logical, clearly presented and justified arguments;
  • ability to formulate and model practical and abstract problems in mathematics and statistics;
  • mastery of a broad range of mathematical and statistical methods, with a particular emphasis in one of four specialisations;
  • ability to analyse complex problems, then choose and apply appropriate mathematical/statistical tools in finding a solution;
  • appreciation of the universal utility of mathematics and statistics within all fields of science;
  • appreciation that mathematics and statistics are disciplines based on rigorous proofs and logical deduction;
  • understanding of the role of mathematics and statistics in other fields;
  • ability to communicate clearly, effectively and precisely about mathematical and statistical ideas;
  • ability to clearly communicate abstract mathematical/statistical ideas to an audience with a heterogeneous background in sciences;
  • understanding of the applicability of mathematics and statistics in addressing current issues facing humankind.
  • an ability to work effectively and responsibly both as an individual and as part of a team..
Structure & Available Subjects:

Completion of 50 points of study at Level 3.


There are four specialisations within the Mathematics and Statistics major.

Related Course(s): Bachelor of Science

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