Master of Arts (Thesis only) - Australian Studies

Major/Minor/Specialisation !MR-ARTSTHS-SPC+1008 (2016)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2016.

Year and Campus: 2016


Philip Morrissey




The Master of Arts (Australian Studies) is designed for students to develop advanced skills in carrying out independent and sustained research in Australian Studies. The thesis should demonstrate a critical application of specialist knowledge and provide an independent contribution to existing scholarship in the area of research. Candidates may advance to the Doctor of Philosophy degree after successful completion of the masters or, with support from the thesis supervisor and Head of School, candidates may apply to convert to the PhD at an earlier stage. The Masters candidate must receive a thesis grade of at least H3 (65%) or better to be eligible for the award of the degree.

Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the Master of Arts (Thesis only) in this area of specialisation should:

  • have in-depth knowledge in the Australian Studies discipline;
  • have excellence in writing and research skills;
  • be critical, creative and independent thinkers;
  • be attuned to cultural diversity and emerge from their Masters degree with a high level of respect for knowledge, culture and values;
  • have an ability to respect cultural diversity globally;
  • be flexible, critical and creative thinkers able to transfer their skills to employment in a number of fields, including the public service, education, legal and medical professions, the arts, cultural heritage preservation, and land and natural resource management.
Structure & Available Subjects:

Duration: 1.5 years full-time / 3 years part-time

The Master of Arts (Thesis only) in this area of specialisation requires:

  • thesis 30,000 words
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