Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) - Philosophy

Major/Minor/Specialisation !GDA-ARTS-SPC+1024 (2016)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2016.

Year and Campus: 2016


Dr Andrew Inkpin




Studying Philosophy through a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced), represents an excellent opportunity to take your academic development beyond a level attainable in the first three years of undergraduate study. Advanced work in philosophy further advances your skills of reasoning and critical analysis, in ways that are valuable to employers. The focus on writing longer pieces of work, in particular the thesis component, also makes for an intellectually rewarding experience, one in which you are granted greater intellectual autonomy than you will have experienced before, including a greater opportunity to pursue your own ideas.

Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) in this area of specialisation should

  • possess advanced knowledge and understanding of the discipline of philosophy through coursework in several areas, such as ethics, social and political philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology and logic;
  • have a deeper critical understanding of one or more areas of philosophy through completion of an independent research project;
  • be able to analyse and critically assess arguments and philosophical positions at a very high level;
  • develop excellent communications skills through extended written work, close reading and intense discussion of philosophical texts, and the presentation and discussion of thesis research; and
  • understand the relevance of philosophical knowledge and skills in the context of other disciplines, to society more generally, and to employers.
Structure & Available Subjects:

Duration: 1 year full-time / 2 years part-time

The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) in this area of specialisation requires:

  • one complusory subject (12.5 points)
  • thesis subject (37.5 points)
  • elective subjects (50 points)

Total 100 points

Subject Options:

Compulsory Subject

1 compulsory subject (12.5 points)

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

Thesis Subject

Thesis subject (37.5 points)

Please note: the thesis must be taken over two consecutive semesters

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Semester 1, Semester 2

Elective Subjects

50 points

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Not offered in 2016
Semester 1
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