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Major/Minor/Specialisation !BH-BMED-MAJ+1004 (2016)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2016.

Year and Campus: 2016


Dr Guillermo Lopez Campos



Dr Guillermo Lopez Campos

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Ms Claudia Sandoval

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Health Informatics (eHealth) and Biomedical Informatics are a transformational force in health around the world and relies increasingly on new kinds of knowledge required by all of the health professions as well as on a specialised professional workforce. It is a research discipline with its own research methods, scientific journals, scientific conferences and scientific societies.

This honours program provides an avenue to careers in the health sector, biomedical research organisations, the eHealth industry, and related government agencies. It shortens the path to a postgraduate coursework degree, through advanced standing in the Master of Information Technology (Health). This Honours stream positions students to apply for highly competitive places in the health and biomedical informatics PhD program at the University of Melbourne or elsewhere.

Learning Outcomes:

The Health Informatics Honours program will introduce students into the world of scientific research methodology and how to conduct scientific research and disseminate the results as well as the specific methods required and applied in Health Informatics.

Graduates in the Health Informatics Honours program will:

• Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of Health Informatics

• Demonstrate expertise in formulating Health Informatics research questions

• Demonstrate ability to find and critically assess existing scientific literature

• Apply critical and analytical skills and methods to identify and solve scientific questions in the context of Health Informatics

• Communicate effectively the results of scientific research via written and oral presentation

Structure & Available Subjects:

The Honours program consists of 100 credit points completed over 12 months full time comprising of two (2) Advanced Coursework subjects and a Research Project.

To be awarded Honours with a specialisation in Health Informatics, students must successfully complete the following:

BIOM40001 - Introduction to Biomedical Research (12.5 points)
BINF40001 - Trends in Health Informatics (12.5 points)
BINF40002 and BINF40003 - Health Informatics Research Project (75 points)

There are no elective subjects in this Honours program.

Subject Options:

Coursework Component

Students must complete 25 credit points of advanced coursework subjects. This is achieved by enrolling in the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

Research Component

Students must complete a total of 75 credit points of research across the duration of the Honours program. This is achieved by enrolling in a combination of the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
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Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours)

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