Medicine (St Vincent's Hospital)

Major/Minor/Specialisation !BH-BMED-SPC+1007 (2015)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2015.

Year and Campus: 2015


Dr Amanda Edgley, Dr Kate Graham



Dr Amanda Edgley

Dr Kate Graham

Administrative Coordinator:

Nora Hanafi


The Honours’ program at the St. Vincent’s Academic Centre (comprising of the Dept. of Medicine, Dept. of Surgery, St. Vincent’s Institute, O’Brien Institute and various Departments in St. Vincent’s Hospital) is an advanced level of study designed to allow students to specialize their knowledge in a particular area of pre-clinical and/ or clinical research. This program provides a strong foundation for the future direction of graduates, whether as a means of progressing to further research at PhD level, or improving the scope of employment in the fields of biomedical research.

Learning Outcomes:

Students accepted into the Honours’ year at the St. Vincent’s Academic Centre undertake a year of intensive research and advanced coursework and must achieve a minimum of 70 for each component to qualify for the award.
Choosing from a wide range of cutting edge research projects within the Academic Centre, students undertake a combination of advanced coursework (25 points) and intensive research (75 points); aimed at providing advanced research training in multidisciplinary biomedical research. Key objectives are to develop skills in critical analysis of scientific knowledge, experimental design and hypothesis testing, specialized laboratory techniques, data analysis and interpretation, as well as development of written and presentation skills. The original research project will culminate in a written thesis.

Structure & Available Subjects:

The Honours program consists of 100 credit points completed over 12 months full time (or part time equivalent) comprising of two (2) Advanced Coursework subjects and a Research Project.

To be awarded Honours with a specialisation in Medicine (St Vincent's Hospital), students must successfully complete the following:

  • BIOM40001 - Introduction to Biomedical Research (12.5 points)
  • MEDI40006 - Biomedical Advanced Coursework (12.5 points)
  • MEDI40005 and MEDI40013 - Biomedicine Research Project - St Vincent's (75 points)

There are no elective subjects in this Honours program.

Subject Options:

Coursework Component

Students must complete 25 credit points of advanced coursework subjects. This is achieved by enrolling in the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

Research Component

Students must complete a total of 75 credit points of research across the duration of the Honours program. This is achieved by enrolling in a combination of the following subjects in the appropriate semesters.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
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