Health Informatics

Major/Minor/Specialisation !B-BMED-MAJ+1000 (2014)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2014.

Year and Campus: 2014


Dr Guillermo Lopez-Campos

Health and Biomedical Informatics



Health Informatics (eHealth) is a transformational force in health around the world, and relies increasingly on new kinds of knowledge required by all of the health professions as well as on a specialised professional workforce. Students who complete the Health Informatics major will be able to integrate and apply the fundamentals of information and communication technology, information science, computer science and knowledge management to formulate and solve problems in healthcare, biomedical research and public health. There is no other major in the Bachelor of Biomedicine which covers these areas. The current Major in Informatics from the Bachelor of Science does not cover this specific area related to health care or biomedical research informatics.

Learning Outcomes:

Core skills and knowledge will be developed in: Information management and systems principles and practices; information technology concepts and applications; Health systems structure and organization; Health and biomedical information attributes and standards; and Health and biomedical informatics methods, systems, and strategies.

This major will open up pathways for students to work effectively with ehealth and biomedical informatics in future health profession careers. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue accredited specialist careers as health informaticians in healthcare, industry, government and research settings, following relevant work experience and certification exams. Some students may opt to pursue postgraduate study in the Master of Information Technology (Health) or PhD programs.

Structure & Available Subjects:

Completion of 50 points of study at Level 3.

Subject Options:
Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Semester 2

This major is not available to B-BMED students who commenced pre 2013.

Related Course(s): Bachelor of Biomedicine

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