Major/Minor/Specialisation !290AA-MAJ+1008 (2014)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2014.

Year and Campus: 2014


Dr John Golz




On completion of this course students should have achieved:

  • a broad knowledge in the field of genetics;
  • a capacity to use experimentation in genetics to understand aspects of biology; and
  • a capacity to integrate various theoretical and experimental approaches to problems in genetics.
Learning Outcomes:

Areas of specialisation

The coursework and research components of this Postgraduate Diploma in Science enable students to further their knowledge in the following areas: classical genetics; the history of genetics; population and evolutionary genetics; ecological genetics; molecular genetics; and developmental genetics. Typical research projects study aspects of heavy metal detoxification mechanisms in plants and animals; copper metabolism in mammals and the role of copper in neurodegenerative diseases; gene regulation in fungi;; the ecological, evolutionary and molecular genetics of insecticide resistance; evolutionary genetics; and developmental genetics.

Structure & Available Subjects:

  • Discipline Core subjects (12.5 points);
  • Elective subjects (37.5 points);
  • Research Project (50 points).
Subject Options:

Discipline Core

Students must select one of:

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Not offered in 2014


Students must select three subjects from the following:

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

OR 12.5 or 25 points of other approved subjects, including up to 25 points of approved third-year level Genetics subjects, if this is
recommended by the stream coordinator.


Research Project

The research project is taken over two semesters and the assessment consists of a research proposal (30%) and minor thesis (70%).

Depending on the coursework subjects taken a student would normally enrol in a combination of Research Project subjects as indicated below to ensure they have completed 50 points by the end of the course.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Semester 1, Semester 2
Semester 1, Semester 2
Semester 1, Semester 2
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This program does not have a mid-year intake.

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