Master of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Course 562AA (2013)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2013.

Year and Campus: 2013 - Parkville
Fees Information: Subject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date
Level: Research Higher Degree
Duration & Credit Points: Students are expected to complete this research in 1.50 years full time, or equivalent part time.




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Course Overview:

This course is unlikely to be available for new students in 2013. Prospective students should refer to the Master of Philosophy instead.


To prepare candidates for clinical and further researchin the field of gynaecology and obstetrics through the provision and mastery ofa specific body of relevant theoretical and proceduralknowledge.

Course Structure & Available Subjects:

Part I: examination by MRACOG or an approvedequivalent body

Part II: presentation of research thesis

The thesis:

(a) should ordinarily represent the equivalent of not less than one yearfull-time research and, except with the special permission of the Higher DegreesCommittee of the Faculty, must be submitted not later than 12 months followingcompletion of the research.

(b) shall be on a specific aspect of obstetrics and gynaecology, must embodyoriginal observations made by the candidate, and must include a critical reviewof the literature in the relevant field.

(c) should contain a preface, stating the extent to which the candidate isreporting work to which others have contributed. A candidate may not present inthe thesis work for which a degree has been conferred in this or anotheruniversity.

(d) must be typed, or reproduced in some equivalent manner, on internationalstandard size paper A4 in double spacing, and must include a title page showingthe title of the thesis, the year and degree for which it is submitted and thefull name of the author. The thesis shall contain a table of contents and abibliography including full title of each communication cited with standardinternational abbreviations for titles of journals. Such theses should notordinarily exceed 200 pages in length, excluding tables, illustrations andbibliography and pages should be consecutively numbered. There should be amargin on both sides at least 3 cm. wide on all sheets. Three copies of thethesis should be submitted to the Registrar by delivery to the Executive Officer(Medicine). Wherever possible, theses should be submitted in temporary binding.Further information concerning temporary binding may be obtained from thePostgraduate Office, School of Medicine.

Where it is appropriate, an applicant for enrolment as a higher degree candidateor an applicant submitting a thesis for examination must submit evidence to thesatisfaction of the Faculty that all ethical requirements associated with theresearch have been approved by the appropriate body of the institution orinstitutions involved.

Notwithstanding the above, a candidate who fulfils all the other requirements ofStanding Resolution 3.38 and has completed a period of not less than twelvemonths of appropriately supervised research undertaken full-time (or a periodwhich is deemed by the Faculty to be its equivalent if undertaken part-time) mayseek approval of such research experience and may submit for examination athesis for the degree of Master of Gynaecology and Obstetrics. The candidatemay be a MBBS graduate of The University of Melbourne or a graduate with anequivalent degree from another approved institution with an association withthis University approved by Faculty of not less than oneyear.

Entry Requirements:

MBBS, or recognized equivalent, of at least twoyears' standing with at least two years' experience as a medical officer in ahospital affiliated to the University or some other appropriate university forthe purposes of teaching. Before enrolling for the course leading to Part I,candidates are required to present evidence that they hold a degree of Bachelorof Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, or a degree or degrees recognised by theFaculty as appropriate for the purpose of this regulation, of at least two yearsstanding, and to gain approval of Faculty with respect to evidence of not lessthan two years experience as a medical officer in a hospital recognised by theFaculty.

Candidates seeking credit for Part 1 of the degree under Section 5 of theRegulation should submit evidence as to relevant qualifications and experiencefor consideration by Faculty at the time they apply for enrolment as a candidatefor Part II of the degree.

Candidates seeking admission to Part II of the degree are required to submit aproposed research programme setting out the topic, arrangements for supervisionand a statement relating to facilities and resources, through the Head of therelevant department to the Higher Degrees Committee of the Faculty.

The Standing Committee on Higher Degrees of the Faculty shall approve, whereappropriate, on behalf of Faculty, evidence submitted relating to therequirement of three years experience relevant to the discipline of obstetricsand gynaecology. It will inform the candidate and the Faculty of the time atwhich the candidate will be eligible for admission to the degree of Master ofGynaecology & Obstetrics. Candidates may apply for exemption from Part I ofthe examination for the degree if they have passed a comparable examinationoffered by an approved body.

The following have been approved to date:

Part I Membership of:

Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Part I Fellowship of:

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Full Membership of the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians andGynaecologists

Other examinations may be approved for this purpose from time to time, andfurther details may be obtained from the Executive Officer (Medicine). Othercandidates in cases approved by the Faculty may be exempted from undertaking thecourse of study for the Part I examination and may be permitted to present forexamination for the purpose of qualifying for admission to Part II.

Subject to the approval of the candidature, of the topic, enrolment andsatisfactory execution of the programme of research as certified by the Head ofthe department, the candidate will be admitted to examination for the degree onpresentation of a thesis.

Core Participation Requirements:

For the purposes of considering requests for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Cwth 2005), and Students Experiencing Academic Disadvantage Policy, academic requirements for this course are articulated in the Course Overview, Objectives and Generic Skills sections of this entry.

It is University policy to take all reasonable steps to minimise the impact of disability upon academic study, and reasonable adjustments will be made to enhance a student's participation in the University's programs. Students who feel their disability may impact on meeting the requirements of this course are encouraged to discuss this matter with a Faculty Student Adviser and the Disability Liaison Unit:

Graduate Attributes:


Generic Skills:


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