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Major/Minor/Specialisation !175AA-SPC+1001 (2013)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2013.

Year and Campus: 2013


Dr Kate MacNeill



The Graduate School of Humanities & Social Sciences



The Moving Image specialisation offers a graduate qualification in the management of the production, distribution and exhibtion of film and new media. The Master of Arts and Cultural Management (Moving Image) is designed to provide direct engagement with screen industry professionals and to offer the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to work in film culture.


Students who complete the Masters of Arts and Cultural Management should:

  • develop an appreciation and overview of the arts within our culture;
  • understand, access and contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of arts policy within Australia and internationally;
  • understand the role of marketing in positioning arts organizations to attract audiences and funding from a diversity of sources including government and the private sector, and attracting opportunities for international exchange;
  • understand the demands for managing small and large projects, developing tenders, or managing small business enterprises;
  • understand laws, regulations and protocols (including cultural property rights) within various art forms;
  • demonstrate an understanding of financial management, budgeting, costing and planning;
  • demonstrate a high level of leadership potential and ability to function ethically, imaginatively and resourcefully within the arts and cultural industries in ways that will advance the arts and promote them within Australia and internationally.
Structure & Available Subjects:

200 point program

Duration: 2 years full-time / up to 4 years part-time

First 100 points:

  • 5 compulsory subjects (62.5 points)
  • 3 elective subjects (37.5 points)

Second 100 points:

  • 5 compulsory subjects (62.5 points)
  • 3 elective subjects (37.5 points)

150 point program

Duration: 1.5 years full-time / up to 3 years part-time

  • 8 compulsory subjects (totalling 100 points)
  • 4 elective subjects (totalling 50 points)

100 point program

  • 5 compulsory subjects (62.5 points)
  • 3 elective subjects (37.5 points)

Students who complete 100 points of the program equivalent to the Postgraduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management may claim the Postgraduate Diploma as an exit award.

For policies that govern this degree, see Academic Services Policy in the University Melbourne Policy Framework. Students also should also refer to information in the Student Policy Directory.

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