Major/Minor/Specialisation !290AA-MAJ+1003 (2012)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2012.

Year and Campus: 2012


Associate Professor Craig Hutton


Ms Vicki Burley


Tel: +61 3 8344 6495


In addition to satisfying the Faculty of Science entry requirements, students interested in entering the Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry program should typically have completed a Bachelor of Science degree which includes some third year chemistry subjects. However, all applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the coordinator.

Hurdle assessment requirements: In addition to the Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry requirements, students enrolled in this program must:

  • attend all Safety and Induction program lectures and successfully complete the Safety Examination. Students who fail the Safety Examination will have to complete an additional study program and be reassessed. A pass in the Safety Examination is required before students can begin their laboratory work;
  • submit a 1500-word literature survey and research plan during the first semester of enrolment.

Components of assessment: The course comprises a research project component and an advanced coursework component. Their relative weightings are as follows:

  • Chemistry Research Project component = 62.5 percent
  • Chemistry Advanced Coursework component = 37.5 percent

The Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry program is designed to:

  • increase the student's knowledge and understanding of chemical science;
  • develop the process and practice of chemical research;
  • encourage the development of individual investigative skills, critical thought and the ability to evaluate information and analyse experimental data;
  • promote the acquisition of experimental or theoretical skills in areas currently relevant to one of the research groups in the School of Chemistry;
  • improve oral and written communication skills; and
  • ensure that students receive essential training skills in laboratory safety procedures.
Structure & Available Subjects:

Advanced Coursework: Students will enrol in the following three subjects (each worth 12.5 points):

  • CHEM90008 Advanced Spectroscopy
  • CHEM90009 Chemical Synthesis & Characterisation
  • CHEM90010 Advanced Chemical Applications 1

Research Project: The research project involves the completion of:

  • a preliminary literature survey and research plan (1500 words, up to 5 pages), due towards the end of the first semester of study (pass/fail);
  • a major thesis, page limit of 30 pages due at the end of the second semester of study (90% made up from thesis evaluation (35%), oral examination (viva) on thesis (35%);
  • supervisor’s assessment of research performance (20%) based on attendance, application,initiative, and demonstrated skills);
  • a project-related oral presentation (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion) to be scheduled during the second semester of enrolment (10%);and successful completion of a seminar series providing advanced theoretical and/or practical training (pass/fail).
Subject Options:

Advanced Coursework

Students will enrol in the following three subjects (each worth 12.5 points):

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

Research Project

Students will enrol in CHEM40008 Chemistry Research Project 25 points in semester 1 and CHEM40009 Chemistry Research Project 37.5 points in semester 2.

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Semester 1, Semester 2
Semester 1, Semester 2
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