Major/Minor/Specialisation !290AA-MAJ+1001 (2012)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2012.

Year and Campus: 2012


Assoc Prof Rick Wetherbee




The coursework and research components of this Postgraduate Diploma enable students to further their knowledge in areas of cellular and molecular biology, systematics and evolution, plant ecology and physiology, and plant pathology.


The program in Botany aims to provide students with skills in original research in plant science and help students develop a capacity for critical thinking and evaluation of information. The course also strives to instil in students a knowledge of a wide area of plant sciences, and to enhance their communication skills.

Structure & Available Subjects:

Research Project (75 points);
Coursework (25 points);


Coursework (100 points).

Subject Options:

Coursework/Research Option


Students must enrol in two coursework subjects from the list below in consultation with the Course Coordinator:

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:

OR one third-year Botany subject for which credit has not already been given;

OR an alternative portgraduate coursework elective may be chosen if core knowledge is required.



Students will enrol in a selection of research subjects to ensure that 75 points of research is completed by the end of the course. Please consult with the course coordinator for information about these subjects.


Coursework only option

Students must enrol in eight 12.5 point subjects available through:

Master of Biotechnology;

The Office for Environmental Programs; and

Master of Forest Ecosystem Science

Subjects will be selected in consultation with the coordinator of the School’s Masters program.

*Where appropriate, a student may complete up to two 300 level subjects

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