Environmental Science

Major/Minor/Specialisation !755-BB-MAJ+1013 (2010)

Note: This is an archived Handbook entry from 2010.

Year and Campus: 2010




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Major study in Environmental Science.

Students may only complete this major in conjunction with another science major that cannot be biotechnology or history and philosophy of science.


An Environmental Science major will provide the springboard for students in entering careers or research in the following areas: environmental consulting, natural resource management, environmental and chemistry. Graduates will be prepared for these pathways by developing skills in risk assessment and environmental monitoring, which are crucial to being prepared to make contributions in laboratories, or in consulting roles and in environmental management. This major will integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines from Biology through Earth Science to Chemistry, by enabling students to complete a sequence of specialist subjects in each, as well as integrated subjects in which the students develop an understanding of the application of scientific principles to solving current environmental problems. Students will gain experience preparing them for the workplace by participating in group based reviews of environmental management plans and by conducting multidisciplinary practical assessments of environmental issues.

Structure & Available Subjects:

In 2010 a number of new third year level subjects have been introduced, replacing or adding to subjects previously available within the major. Some previously offered subjects have been cancelled. The University is committed to ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by these changes and students may complete a major as defined by the current structure or a structure detailed in a previous year's handbook applicable to any year the student was enrolled in the course. Students completing third year level subjects across multiple years (e.g. in 2009 and 2010) should refer to advice within each subject entry on non-allowed subject combinations. Students unsure about the structure of their intended major should seek advice from the Science Student Centre.

Subject Options:

Environmental Science major

Completion of 50 points of study at third year level.

Both of:

Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Plus 25 points selected from:
Study Period Commencement:
Credit Points:
Semester 2
Not offered in 2010
  • 121-033 Environmental Hydrology (Prior to 2010)
  • 121-306 Applied Ecology (Prior to 2010)
  • 620-371 Linear Models (Prior to 2010)
  • 654-308 Conservation Biology (Prior to 2010)
  • 451-312 GIS & Remote Sensing (Prior to 2010)
  • 606-301 Applied Ecology (Theory)

Please note that credit exclusions may apply. Check individual subject descriptions for further information.


Environmental Science is available as a single science major only to students enrolled in a BSc combined degree with either the Faculty of Engineering or the Melbourne School of Land and Environment.

To be awarded two science majors (i.e. the environmental science major and a second science major), students must complete a minimum of 87.5 points of science study at third year level. Up to the equivalent of one 12.5 point science subject at third year level can be counted towards both majors where applicable.

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