Mathematics & Statistics

Major/Minor/Specialisation !104-AA-SPC+1031 (2009)

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Year and Campus: 2009

The prerequisites for entry to fourth-year honours in mathematics and statistics are:

  • completion of all the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts;
  • completion of a major in mathematics and statistics which must include four third-year mathematics and statistics subjects, satisfying one of the seven specialisations offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics; and
  • an average grade of H2B (70%) or higher over the second/third-year subjects within the major.
Entry to honours must be approved by the mathematics and statistics honours coordinator and the Arts honours student adviser.

Because of the prerequisite requirements, the choice of third-year subjects is largely determined by the three mathematics and statistics subjects chosen in second year. The range of mathematics and statistics subjects available to arts students in second and third year is restricted as a double major in mathematics and statistics is not permitted. As a consequence, students wishing to proceed to honours need to choose their first and second-year mathematics and statistics subjects with some care as these choices will determine the honours program they may take.

Bachelor of Arts students contemplating honours in mathematics and statistics, or any combined honours program involving mathematics and statistics and another arts discipline, are strongly urged to seek advice from the relevant departments as early as possible, and to obtain written confirmation from the departments and from the Associate Dean (Academic Programs) in the Faculty of Arts that their proposed course of study is acceptable.

Objectives: See course objectives
Subject Options:

For subject information, contact the Mathematics & Statistics honours advisor.

Related Course(s): Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)

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