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Major/Minor/Specialisation !104-AA-SPC+1014 (2009)

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Year and Campus: 2009


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The minimum entry requirement for development studies honours is completion of all the requirements for the BA, with a major in development studies and an average grade over the second/third year subjects within the major equivalent to at least an H2A (75%). It is not possible to complete honours in development studies on a part time basis. Students must complete the honours year full-time over two consecutive semesters of study.

Students undertaking pure honours in development studies must complete:

· Development Studies Thesis (50 points); and

· Understanding Development (12.5 points); and

· Directed Study in Development (12.5 points); and

· Explanation and Understanding (12.5points); and

· One elective subject (12.5 points).

Students in combined honours must complete either:

· Development Studies Thesis (50 points); and

· Understanding Development (12.5 points); and

· 37.5 points of subjects from the combining area of study.


· Thesis in the combining area of study (37.5 points): and

· Coursework subjects from the combining area of study (25 points); and

· Understanding Development (12.5 points); and

· Two subjects from the core or elective lists (25 points).

Elective subjects*

Civil Society, NGOs and the State

Migrancy, Home and Exile

The Geopolitics of Peace and Development

Field Methods for Development

Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Health and Development

Justice, Democracy and Difference

Agricultural Policies and Trade

EDCU00179 Program Evaluation: Forms & Approaches

* Students who wish to take an elective subject not on the list above need coordinator approval. Some cross-listed electives may require prerequisites and therefore students are advised to contact subject coordinators for approval

Objectives: The Honours program is an advanced level of study designed to allow students to specialise their knowledge across one area of study (Pure Honours) or two (Combined Honours). Students accepted into the program undertake Fourth Year level subjects and a short research thesis and must achieve honours-level grades (minimum 65%-H3) for each component of assessment in order to qualify for the award.

Students who graduate with Honours in the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne receive a passport to a world of opportunities. The degree provides students with the scope to refine their analytical skills and research techniques while significantly expanding the range of options available after graduation.

The opportunity to specialise provides a strong foundation for the future direction of graduates, whether as a means of progressing to higher degree research in Arts at the Masters or PhD level, or improving the scope of employment options and professional advancement. Students with Honours from Melbourne Arts record exceptionally high rates of satisfaction with the professional and academic directions they pursue beyond graduation.

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Core subjects

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Semester 1, Semester 2
Semester 1, Semester 2

Core subjects

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Related Course(s): Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)

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